20 Ways To Get The Spark Back

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Put The Spark Back Into Your Relationship

However long the two of you have been together, it doesn’t matter. What matters is keeping that attraction to each other. As time goes on that can decrease a lot. That is why I want to help you put the spark back into your relationship.

After being with someone for a period of time, you start to develop a routine. That routine can get boring, especially for women. Men can live with the same routine and be fine.

It is only because most men don’t like change. Where as women thrive on change. We don’t want our men to be boring and in the same routine everyday.

Remember when the two of you first started to date? I bet that was a lot of fun. I know sometimes we do think about if we were single and what our lives would be like.

In the end it just sparks our curiosity as women. We thrive of of new and exciting things.

So how do you put the spark back into your relationship?

The answer is actually quite simple. I have compiled a list of 20 ways that you can get the spark back and keep him interested.

It will be like when you first started dating and how exciting it was.

  1. Act like you used to when both of you first started dating
  2. Look super sexy for him on a day he wouldn’t expect you to dress up
  3. Get intimate with him a way you normally wouldn’t
  4. Do something new on a date like going to an arcade(He probably wouldn’t expect that)
  5. Be super flirty with him
  6. Make each other a priority
  7. Put away all of the electronics and have a good conversation
  8. Tell them how much you love them
  9. Have a make out session
  10. Have a playful competition with each other
  11. Cook each other’s favorite meals for one another
  12. Be more affectionate that what you normally are
  13. Have a romantic night nearby that you both like
  14. Compliment each other
  15. Discuss things that you normally discuss with your friends
  16. Give each other sensual massages
  17. Do something the both of you have never done before
  18. Make each other laugh by being goofy
  19. Talk dirty to him
  20. Do spontaneous things with one another

There you have it, 20 ways that you can spark up your relationship. Remember that these are just some ideas that can help you.

The final point I want to leave you with, is to really do something that he’s not used to.

Do things that will spark his interest where he won’t be able to keep his attention away from you.

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