Stop Chasing! Make Him Want You

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Make Him Want You

Regardless if you are married or in a relationship with a man, there is always a risk involved. In order to make him want you, the key is to utilize your time to strengthen your relationship.

There is always a risk for him to cheat. Women can cheat as well. It is fifty fifty since there are so many reason someone cheats.

For women it is usually the lack of attention and affection they receive.

For men it is because they always want more, they get bored or even just want multiple partners.

Strengthen your relationship

This is something that is overlooked many times. Normally we just want to get to the point and have him be obsessed over us. You can’t just jump to the point because that won’t ever work.

There are some steps that need to be taken in order to get to that point. Here are 8 steps that will help make him want you:

  1. Touch one another (non-sexually), make it playful
  2. Really talk to each other (Make them playful conversations)
  3. Be kind and sincere (Show them how much they mean to you and vise versa)
  4. Spice up your sex life (More than just your average routine)
  5. Think about why you love them and how you fell in love with them
  6.  Dance with him (Get intimate and slow dance with him to really spark his interest)
  7. Have girl time with the girls and let him have guy time with the guys (You don’t want to be dependent on each other for everything)
  8. Learn each others vulnerabilities (Learn what makes them vulnerable and insecure so it can be fixed)

Copy the success of other couples

There are several reasons that couples who have been together for more than 10 years, are still together. They have not only been through a lot together, but they know each other more than just partners.

They know each other as best friends and lovers. Here are 8 habits that successful couples use:

  1.  They are committed to one another through the good and the bad
  2. Being faithful to one another
  3. Both partners reveal their insecurities to another without hurting each others feelings and are comfortable doing it
  4. Being patient with each other and forgiveness
  5. Time is an investment in any relationship
  6. Trusting them and being honest with each other goes a long ways
  7. Having more communication is never a bad thing, the more you have the better
  8. Sharing is caring (Don’t be selfish, the two of you are a team)

Make him want you & make each other your focus

Regardless if you have kids or not, the primary focus should always be placed on the two of you. That is a big reason why relationships fail is because they don’t make each other their primary focus.

At one point in time it was only about the two of you, it should remain like that forever. The two of you are each others best friends, prove to yourselves that you are each others best friends.

Love them inside and out and even if you are busy, always make time for each other. That is the true key to any successful relationship.


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Stop Chasing! Make Him Want You
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