How To Win A Girl Back? Advice That Will Work

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How To Win A Girl Back

As a guy, losing a girl you really liked sucks. Especially if it’s to another guy, or maybe just for many other reasons.After reading this you will know how to win a girl back, regardless the situation you are in.

If you really want her back, this has to be your top priority above anything else in your life. I am going to teach you how to accomplish this with a solid game plan.

Be irresistible to her

This is a step that a lot of guys forget to do, but it is usually the first step of the process. You have to make her want you by leaving her alone.

I know as guys we tend to smother women until they give in, but the fact of the matter this is wrong. Women love attention, but they also do need their space as much as guys do.

One thing that I advise is to not constantly be contacting them whether it’d texting, social media, or email. This shows that you are just really clingy and that turns them away.

It doesn’t matter if it just didn’t work out between the two of you or you broke up. You may be wondering how much space and time should I give her? Honestly, that all depends on what happened between the two of you.

If your relationship with them wasn’t for that long, then you don’t need to give her as much space as before,but if you had a long term relationship then she will need more time away from you.

The key is to not give them too much time away, but also not too little of time. There has to be a balance. It should be between 4-8 weeks. It all depends on the situation you are in. Regardless of this, you will still know how to win a girl back.

Self Reflection

When you give your partner space, you are going to have a lot of space as well. This is the time to really think about everything that has happened between the two of you.

Your mind will be clear the more you think. Know what exactly went wrong and what went right. Take the negatives and then turn them into positives.

Try and improve every aspect of your life to get your mood up, confidence, and mind straight. Just remember to stay humble. Nothing is worse that a cocky person.’

Stay Busy

As a guy we tend to dwell on things for a while, that is why we have to keep active which will keep our minds busy and help keep our thoughts positive.

Staying busy can be a lot of things, whether it’d be work, school, sports, time with the fellas etc…

There are tons of ways you can keep busy and not think your ex. Some things you could do to keep busy would be:

  • More quality time with your friends or family
  • Outdoor activities
  • Taking on cool projects
  • Trips
  • Sports & other events like festivals or concerts
  • Pick up a new hobby
  • Do something you love
  • Do something that you have never done before
  • Go to the gym/workout

The busier you are the better. This not only shows that you can survive on your own, but are already trying to better yourself.

Show her how much fun you are having being single

By this point in time you have already spent some time apart and you have already bettered yourself. By her seeing you have such a great time and always staying busy, this actually intrigues her a lot.

More than likely she will still not be over the breakup as women to tend to think more than men. In reality women do get more jealous than men do.

By taking it upon yourself and making all these changes in your life, she will really start to think about you. Probably more than she ever did before. More than likely she is still not over you and has feelings for you, but won’t admit it for various reasons.

There are some things you can do to show her how much fun you are having by posting on social media, hanging out at some places that she hangs out at, or by hanging out with friends that are friends with the both of you.

By having fun, you are not only enlightening your mood, but getting your mind off of everything.Having fun and clearing your mind is really going to help you know how to win a girl back.

Show off the stud you are

Relationships can be complicated sometimes, but there is also a reason that you are not with each other anymore.

Sometimes breaking up is actually a good thing so you know what not to do the next time and know how to win a girl back. The key here is to make her chase you.

Odds are, you probably chased her the first time, but now it is time for roles to reverse. Having women chase you not only feels good, but it helps boost your confidence.

Part of the reason the relationship never worked, is that you probably made it too easy for her. Guys in general are easy to get.

Due to the fact that when a woman talks to us we automatically thinks she is interested, even though that may not be the case. This time around, you have to make it harder for her to get you.

Make it a challenge for her to want you back. This not only sparks up more curiosity in her, but makes her more interested in you than you were before.

Women say they don’t like a good challenge, but lets face it everyone wants what they can’t have. The same applies to this situation.

What if I hurt her feelings?

Recognizing that you even hurt her feelings is a big step in knowing how to win a girl back. You should be proud that you even recognized that because a lot of guys don’t really think about if they hurt their ex or not.

We automatically think they hurt us. Then again every situation is different. All I can say is to be sure to say your sorry. This not only shows maturity in you, but that you really mean it.

Be sure to say you are sorry in person and no forms of digital communication like texts, email, social networking sites etc… Even getting together for a relaxed meetup and saying your sorry is a big step.

Don’t just apologize, put meaning into it. Say specific things that you are really sorry for and would never do it again. Just remember you do have to mean these things.

Depending on what you did, she may not forgive you. She may not forgive you right away, but as time goes on she will.

The fact that you are owning up to your mistake and apologizing is something not a lot of guys can do. Be proud of yourself if you really said you are sorry and were sincere about it.

It doesn’t matter if she believes you at the moment because things will settle eventually and she will forgive you in her own way.

Just because she doesn’t accept the apology doesn’t mean she doesn’t appreciate your effort to try and be the better person.

Here are some things you should do while apologizing:

  • Keep eye contact with her
  • Not a big deal if you cry
  • Hold one of her hands or both hands depending on her body language
  • Compliment her before you say you are sorry
  • Make sure you are well spoken and don’t be shy about it

So what are the final steps about how to win a girl back?

After the two of you have been talking for a while, it is time to tell her how much she means to you. Don’t be aggressive, but do me somewhat assertive with this approach.

Make sure you really tell her otherwise you will never know how to win a girl back.

Everyone’s situation is different and if you are one of those guys whose relationship didn’t end on good terms, pay close attention.

Here are some key points to pay attention to:

  • Find the right place to tell her
  • Make sure she doesn’t have any place to be
  • Start with what went wrong then slowly ease into what you are going to do different
  • Say what a mistake it was for ever letting her go
  • Don’t sound needy or like your begging, after all you are the man
  • Keep eye contact with her at all times
  • Show her that you are ready to have her back in your life
  • Make sure she knows you aren’t messing around and are really serious about her

Starting from scratch

If she agrees to go out with you, think of it as starting from scratch. Think of what you are going to do differently from the first time you had a first date, or the last time the two of you even went on a date.

Be thankful that you are even getting another chance with her, since women can literally get any guy they want. It is just up to you to prove that you are the right choice.

Something that a lot of guys miss is to go out of their comfort zones. Do something that is really going to reignite her interest in you.

Be more compassionate, manly and romantic towards her. After all she deserves it. Just don’t overdue it either. Keep it balanced enough where she is impressed by you.

Always compliment her regardless of what time of day it is, where you are at, or what she is wearing.

Now that you know how to win a girl back, make sure you know whether this is the right or wrong thing to do. You’ll know the answer to this after the first few dates if you didn’t figure it out already.

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