Guaranteed Ways On How To Get Your Ex Back

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How you can get your ex back

There are never guarantees in life, but there are strategies that work almost 99% of the time. You can not force someone get back together with you, that is illegal.

What you can do is convince them why you are the best choice.  There are several ways to do this. I am going to teach you how to get your ex back with ease.

Avoid contact with them!

Not talking to your ex is the first step of this process. This is probably one of the hardest steps. Not talking to your ex may be hard, but it is crucial. You do not want to make any contact with them for at least a month.

This means:

  • Do not text them
  • Don’t call them
  • Don’t try contacting them through social media
  • You shouldn’t be hanging out with friends that are both yours and their friends
  • Don’t be nosy

Focus on yourself

Now that you are single again, take this time to really do things you want. Now that you have all of this free time for at least a month, do something with it. Do activities and things that you like to do.

If you can not think of anything, try thinking about things you used to do before your ex. Do things that are going to make you happy and find a way to better yourself.

Don’t know how to better yourself?

  • Think of something that you could do to improve at your job.
  • Take a fun course that you have always wanted to.
  • Challenge yourself physically, mentally or both.
  • Try something you have never tried before
  • etc…

Give Them Space

I can not stress this enough. By not giving somebody their space, they are more likely to never talk to you again. The last think you want to do is make them feel uncomfortable.

This step is super important because that person needs that time to miss you. They will realize how much they miss you the more you are apart. You want them to do this all on their own.

The more time you are apart from each other and the more space you give them, the more they are going to miss you. They really need this time to think about not only themselves, but you.

What if they contact me before a month?

That person is not breaking the rule, but if you contact them then you are breaking the rule. The only reason you should respond back to anything, is if it is an emergency.

That is the only acceptable reason you should respond back. If it is anything else, do not respond.

What if I could not resist to contact them?

By contacting them before the 30 days are over, you are risking more than you realize. This means you have to restart the process again.

By contacting them, you are actually making the process longer and harder for the both of you. They say that time is the cure for everything, although this is true to an extent.

Sometimes time does not cure everything, but time does help with clearing your mind. You must remember that this is a test.

If you can last a month without contacting that person, you have passed. This means that you are happy again with yourself and you are ready to keep moving forward.

What if they meet someone during that time?

When people split apart, they normally do not fall in love again like they were with you. When they do find someone, it is usually short term. Everyone rebounds off of somebody.

The reason this happens is because they still feel something for you, they are just trying to no think about the pain. Do not worry if your ex has a rebound partner, you should as well.

Sometimes being away from one another makes you appreciate how lucky they really were. Remember you want them to miss you. This is so important because the more they miss you the more they will think about you.

Do you really have to wait at least a month to get your ex back?

Unfortunately yes, you do have to wait at least a month to contact them. The longer you wait the easier it will be to get your ex back. They really do need that time to miss you.

No matter how eager you become, you still need that time to heal yourself. If you break this rule you are just making it harder for yourself. The more you try and contact that person, the more you are pushing them away.

This is not about being mean to one another, it is about respecting each other. I can promise you the more you think about your previous relationship, the more you will start to realize.

Things start becoming more clear with a little bit of time and thought. By giving each other space and time, you will both start to have more clear thoughts.

Mistakes to avoid!

After a month of waiting you can finally contact them right? Wrong, you really have to have a clear mind in order to even talk to that person again.

You can not be mentally unstable if you are going to reconnect with them. You have to show that person how much you have changed and thought about your relationship.

  • Do not smother them with affection
  • Do not play the “poor me game”
  • Don’t become jealous if they are dating someone else
  • Stop sending them texts or calling them all the time (Do this moderately)
  • Don’t act desparate
  • Do not try and make them jealous
  • Don’t be nosy about their new relationship if they have one
  • Flaunting how much you still care about them

Should I contact them or should they contact me after a month?

By this point in time you have gone through the hardest part. Separation, even though it sucks it is necessary for the healing process. Now that it has been a month, how are you feeling?

I will tell you how you feel, you have mixed emotions. Focusing on yourself for over a month really opened your eyes. You are able to think more clear about the situation.

The reason why they have finally contacted you is because they are not hurting as much anymore, and were given their space and time to heal.

Memories started to come back to them, and they realized how much they actually miss you. This is the best time to get your ex back. You have them right where you want them to be.

Your advantages:

  • You waited the full month
  • You may have went out with someone
  • Your life has improved since focusing on yourself
  • The terms are finally stable where you accepted being alone
  • You are yourself again
  • You’re mentally healthy
  • Your confidence is up
  • You can smile without feeling sad on the inside

If you agreed with any of these advantages, you are ready to finally to get your ex back. As soon as that month is over, you can contact them.

How do I contact them?

The easiest way to get your ex back is to text them. Do not call them, as this will be really awkward for the both of you. You need time to build up trust and slowly ease your way to them.

So what should I text them?

The best thing to say to that person after a month is something that is positive. That positive thing should be something that happened to you or you improved on, that reminded you of them.

It literally can be anything, just to spark their interest. It could be a television show you recently watched, trip you took,  or a special meal you ate etc… This really doesn’t matter, as long as you can get their attention again.

Whatever the reason may be the goal is to be positive. It is important to know that you are not trying to remind him of your relationship, because that is just making things worse for the both of you.

The idea is to make the both of you feel good. You shouldn’t talk to them about anything in the past between you, but just something fun and casual. You are basically trying to get to know that person again.

That is just a way to think of it. You don’t want to make anything awkward between the two of you. The best thing you can do is to just have fun with it. Be yourself, funny, witty, and goofy.

What if they text me first?

The first rule of thumb if they text you first, do not talk about the relationship. Even if they start talking about the relationship, try and bring up other topics and work your way around the awkward conversation.

Most of the time it is going to be through text anyways. Don’t talk about any negative things when responding back to them. You’re just gong to hurt your chances to get your ex back.

The next step in this process is to meet up. Do not call your meet up a date. This will only drive that person away and make them feel uncomfortable.  You can also call that person to setup the place to meet.

Try and keep the meet up casual like a lunch, brunch, breakfast, coffee, or walk in the park. Basically just think of something laid back and relaxing for the both of you.

Think of your meet up as just catching up with the person and focus on having a fun time. Do not put that much thought into your meet up.  Remember this needs be relaxed!

Final Advice

Being relaxed is super important because after your meet up, the thing they’ll remember the most is how relaxed and confident you were within yourself. They will really notice that.

Being on a casual meetup will not only make that person think about how much fun they are having wit you, but how much you have changed. This also proves you are ready for another romantic relationship.

It is important to make that person feel good. If your mood is good, they’ll be good. Please don’t freak out as this will be very bad.

Bad energy brings back bad memories and they will remember why you are not still together. You don’t want this. This brings up my point again. So please remember to be calm, collected and confident within yourself.

Also remember to wait at least the full month to try and get your ex back.

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