How To Tet Him Back and Make Him Want You!

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Get Him Back

Being a woman is hard enough as it is. Losing your man makes this worse. Sometimes it is difficult to understand why you broke up in the first place.

Whatever the reasons are that you broke up, there is still something that is longing in your heart and that is love.

Knowing for certain that the person you broke up with was the one, is probably the biggest reason to get him back. For women it is actually easier to get your ex boyfriend back than it is for men trying to get their ex girlfriend back.

It is easier for women to get their ex back then men because women have power over men, and sometimes we forget that. Guys have control over who the want to be with.Although it is women who make the final call.

The approach I use is a lot different from other approaches that you are probably used to hearing. That is what makes this process easier than traditional advice.

Although men are tough on the outside, they are soft when it comes to women. We are their weakness because behind every successful man there is a woman who is his backbone.

Don’t be desperate

Guys don’t like women who are clingy, especially after a breakup. At that point they just want to be left alone. The hardest thing when we broke up was for me not to call him.

In the back of my mind I wanted to so bad. I couldn’t get over that we just broke up. We spent 5 years together and I felt as if i was married to him already.

He was my best friend and could talk to him about anything. It sucks losing your best friend regardless even if it is a woman. Losing him caused me so much pain.

I had so many plans for us. Then for a breakup to happen, really made me sad and depressed.

The hardest thing for me to do after our breakup was to learn to love myself again. I put so much effort into loving him, that I forgot how to actually love myself.

The more I started to love myself again, the less desperate I became. I started to get my confidence back and really make myself happy again.

With approach I wasn’t worried if I would ever get him back or no. What did worry me was when he would come back or if he wanted to come back at all.

Another factor that was concerning was where we would both be at in our lives.

Try not to be made about why your are not together anymore

The fact is that the two of you aren’t together anymore and it is something you have to live with. There are probably more reasons that you can or can’t think of as to why the two of you broke up in the first place.

Try not to be bitter about the situation. Always be the better person.Regardless if he was the problem or not, you still need to hear what he has to say. If it is something you did, you need to admit it.

It is good to hear both sides of the story. This way you can take into consideration how he felt and how he is feeling.

He is a man, don’t persuade him

Convincing him to come back to you is a big mistake.This just pushes him further away. The pushier you are, the more he won’t want to be with you. This shows that you are clingy and can’t survive on your own.

Men like independent women as much as they don’t like saying it. They find it really attractive. Men love women who are confident in themselves and don’t need a man in their life to be happy.

This in turn catches men’s attention. The happier you are, the easier it is to get him back. Be yourself and love yourself. In the end, you are the prize not him.

Time to be a big girl and take responsibility

As fun as being a woman is, many times we don’t like to own up to our mistakes. This can be a burden for us sometimes. Dig deeply into your thoughts and think about why you broke up.

By even thinking about it, you are one step ahead to get him back. Take responsibility for the decisions you made. Really try to understand your thought process, after hearing his thoughts.

The more you are willing to admit what went wrong and what went right, shows that you really do care about him. The more you understand about the relationship, the better off you’ll be in the future.

Make him to come to you

There is nothing more satisfying than getting men to come to you. Especially when it is some you have had a connection/history with. Make him work hard to get you back.

Guys love challenges. If he really wants you back, then he’ll be happy to accept the challenge. Just don’t tell him that.

If you can’t stand not to make any contact with him, you should call a friend or family member to talk about it. Don’t contact him unless it is an absolute emergency, like if you are dying or something tragic has happened to you.

If he is really interested, he will contact you. After all this wouldn’t be a challenge if the two of you just started immediately dating again. Remember this is a challenge.

Respond in a laid back manner if he contacts you. Don’t sound too eager .Again this will make you sound very desperate.

You are number one

After being in a relationship with someone, it can be refreshing to have some time to yourself. No matter who the man is, do what is best for yourself. If he truly wants you back, he is going to do things that he has never done before. Odds are he has done a lot of thinking a soul searching as well. This is a second chance with a guy you still care about. Make it count and do things differently this time so there is no breakup.

There are some key things to keep in mind to get him back. If he has proven that he has changed, it is time to give him another chance. If he hasn’t made any changes and still blames you for something, then he is not the right guy.

Get him back with the right mindset

The goal here is to be as positive as you possibly can. Know your intentions and know his from the start. This way neither of you wast each others time. Don’t rush anything.

Really take your time. When I mean really take your time, I really do mean take your time. So many relationships fail because they don’t take the necessary time to get to know one another.

Dig deep, and get to know him like you never did before. Also he will be more interested in you that you are of him. Take that chance and let him get to know you as well.

Letting things take their course

Sometimes getting back together isn’t always the answer. Sometimes the two of you are not actually supposed to be with each other. Let time do it’s job and get you to where you need to go.

Time will either decide he is the right choice or wrong choice. If he is the wrong choice just be positive and accept what happened and keep moving forward.

Life is full of surprises and you never know what is going to happen. Stay positive and accept what goes and on your life and keep moving forward.

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