25 Dirty Things To Say To Your Boyfriend

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Dirty Things To Say To Your Boyfriend

Trying to think of dirty things to say to your boyfriend is sometimes difficult. Not knowing what to say can really get to you.

For some women turning their boyfriend on by talking dirty to them is just natural, but for the majority we always seem to put too much thought into it.

The women that can do it easy, don’t really think about it that much. They do it more in the moment than anything. All of the majority of women want to do to is to just turn their boyfriends on.

Honestly once you talk to dirty to a guy, you will stick in their heads like glue. If you talk dirty to them and you really turn them on, I can guarantee you that you will always be on his mind.

What are some dirty things to say to your boyfriend?

The first thing to do is to ease into talking dirty to him. You don’t want to just get right into it, as he will think you are coming on way too strong.

Even if you already are a very playful and sexual person, guys still like to be slowly seduced just as much as women like to.

The best place to start is in the bedroom or on the couch, whichever they are more comfortable on. These are some basic phrases you can say to him to warm him up:

  1. I am going to drain your balls tonight
  2. I want to take your dick and shove it in my ass
  3. I’m not wearing any panties
  4. All I want to do is bounce up and down on your dick
  5. I haven’t been able to concentrate all day because all that has been on my mind is how much I want to fuck you.
  6. Your dick makes me so wet
  7. I want you inside me so bad
  8. All I can think about is how much I wan that hard dick inside me
  9. My pussy is so wet for your big hard cock
  10. I want to ride you so much
  11. Putour dick in my mouth
  12. I want you to cum inside me
  13. You’re dick was all I could think about today
  14. I can’t use my vibrator anymore because all I want is your big hard cock
  15. I am going to lick you clean
  16. All I can think about is your huge cock pounding my tight pussy
  17. I want to fuck you in every room
  18. Fuck ass and pull my hair
  19. I want you to give it to me
  20. Pound my pussy
  21. I want your cock deep inside me
  22. I’m going to lick up all your cum
  23. I love how wet you get me
  24. You make me feel like such a slut
  25. Grab my tits while I grind on your dick

By even saying any of these phrases he will almost cum in his pants the minute you start getting into it. You have to remember guys get turned on easier than women do.

The more you turn him on the more he’ll want you. You will have amazing, passionate and hardcore sex if you are able to turn him on.

After all even though you are girlfriend it is still part of your job to keep him interested as a man. That is just part of a relationship. He also has to do his part by keeping you interested.

Why should you talk dirty?

There are so many benefits to this. There are so many dirty things to say to your boyfriend,but the more you say you are increasing his sexual appetite for you as well as the sexual tension between the two of you.

By building sexual tension with him, you are guaranteed to have more passionate and intense sex than ever before. The more you increase the sexual tension between the two of you the more he won’t be able to stop thinking about you.


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